HT 54 level 2 tanning

Incredible 10-minute Tan

Look fabulous in no time with an incredible tan in 4 to 5 easy sessions.



HT 60 level 3 tanning

The Ultimate 8-minute Tan

The HT 60 is our fastest tanning booth.
Get your beautiful base tan in only 3 to 4 sessions at early 8 minutes each session, you’ll build your tan quickly.



For a Fast Tan that Lasts

Once you have your gorgeous base tan, you’ll only need two or three visits a month to maintain your perfect shade because this tanning booth yields immediate results!  

And, since HT High Pressure filters block out most UVB rays (which cause skin to exfoliate faster), your tan will last longer.

With maximum stand times of either 11 or 15 minutes, depending on which HT High Pressure Booth you choose, get ready for a fast tan that lasts!

Tans America Hybrid level 5

Our Hybrid Sunbed is a combination of all different levels.  They are equipped with high pressure facial lamps using 8% UVA, 2% UVA, and .5% UVA.  


Iso V28 High Pressure

This beautiful vertical unit is designed to maximize the tanning potential of your session while providing a feeling of air and space which is unique to the stand-up tanning. Every part of your body is bathed in light,encouraging a gorgeous,golden tan.